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Nina Zimolong is an acclaimed international photographer based in Cape Town, known for her exceptional work in fashion, commercial, and fine art photography.


She has a stellar reputation for capturing extraordinary moments and creating captivating visual narratives. With a degree in marketing, Nina brings a unique perspective to her photography, effectively conveying brand messages and resonating with target audiences.


She utilizes cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of her artistry. Nina's artistic sensibility allows her to portray subjects in a thought-provoking manner, evoking emotions and telling compelling stories.


Her photographs have been featured in prestigious magazines and online publications such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Nina has worked with renowned brands including Mac Cosmetics, Vogue Germany, Coca-Cola, and many others, delivering exceptional results. She has also collaborated with notable alcohol-related brands, contributing to their visual storytelling and marketing success.


Nina's ability to translate brand messages into visually compelling imagery has made her a trusted partner for international and local brands, standing out and resonating with audiences worldwide.

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